CFO Elements/Mobility Week 14: Muscle Ups / Skin the Cat Progressions

muscle up

Muscle up Time!!

This week we will progress through the each step of the muscle up, starting from the ground and eventually into the swing (Kip). We will also talk about pros and cons of the false grip and what type of prior strength you will need to conquer your first muscle up.


Skin-the -Cat (German Hang)

We will also look into one of my favourite exercise on the rings… Skin-the-cat  and its finishing position called the german hang. We will discuss its benefits for overall shoulder mobility and abdominal strength gains.

Coach D



CFO Elements/Mobility Week 13: Deadlifts


 CFO Elements/Mobility

Deads and Pre/Post Wod Care


This week our primary focus will be looking at one of our primary movement, the deadlift. We will look into the difference between a Deadlift vs clean set up and also the pros and cons of using the Sumo deadlift as an alternative form of deadlift. We will also discuss which grip to use and when to use it.

The mobility class will also be touching over the deadlift  and ways on  how to better prepare yourself before beasting a deadlift wod and also important post-wod focus areas such as the lower back and hamstrings.


Coach D