Week 16: The Cold Bar is Back!

The Cold Bar

Some you are probably wondering why there are two stacked bars at the bottom of the stairs at CFO???  BURPEES for someone ?? Well, this is your first introduction to the cold bar!

cold bar

This was introduced to CFO when we held the very first Crossfit strongman seminar in Norway back in November 2012. Leading seminar coach and Crossfit /strongman enthusiast Rob Orlando, explained to us the purpose of the cold bar and how the name originated.

The cold bar is simple a cold unused barbell with bumper plates, standing alone on the floor or rack. The weight that is set to the bar, is a weight that should be able to be lifted at least once, no matter the circumstances.

For Example, you stroll on into the gym early morning, feeling tired, weak because you got a little carried away at the work party the night before. Suddenly you spot the cold bar… this is the exact moment you walk over to the barbell and complete 1 REP.

The bar probably felt heavy but you completed 1 rep. Overtime you will sneak in a few reps every time you WOD and slowly but surely the weight starts to become lighter.

The point of the cold bar is that you should be able to lift a specific % of your 1RM (one rep mx) no matter the time of day, mood or warm up. Its a great way to get accustomed to a  heavy weight without the fancy programming.

We have set up two bars at the bottom of the stairs, the women’s bar is 60kg and the men’s is 110kg.

Note: If the Bar is to heavy and the weight is way out of your comfort zone, PLEASE do not attempt to lift the bar!!!

Happy Lifting and God Paske CFO CREW :)

Coach D

CFO Elements/Mobility Week 15: Press Series – The Jerk


“To push jerk or split jerk that is the question”

This weeks elements with look at the efficiency of both the push jerk and split jerk when moving a large load overhead and also whether practicing one of the movements will inhibit the other.


The mobliity wod will focus on overhead range of movement with regards to using the narrow clean grip. We will focus mainly on the the upper back Aka T-spine, as this is the major cause of unstable shoulder positioning on most crossfit athletes at CFO and also investigate the traps and triceps as these also effect shoulder range of movement due to their connection with the shoulder girdle.

Bring your Happy Pain Face :)

Coach D


Coach D