Week 18: Post ‘Murph’ Talk, Grip and CFO Levels Intro

Firstly, let me congratulate everyone that finished the Smolov Jr squat cycle and everyone else that squatted them selves silly the last 3 weeks. I know easter got in the way and disturbed the cycle a little but I am pretty sure everyone had a good go at !

After Mondays Murph Wod I honestly say that everyones squatting was looking strong. The last Wod of the night @ kl20 had to of been the easiest wod I have ever taught. I felt useless because everything was great to watch, especially the initiation of the squat which is exactly why we used the box squat exercise . I am really looking forward to wednesday and seeing everyone PR on their back squat.


There has been alot of positive feedback after the squat program, so the CFO staff have decided to start to implement a shoulder strength program that will focus on hand balancing (handstand).We will be using Monday, Wednesday and Friday to focus on these skills either pre or post wod. We will be use the well renowned Gymnastic Bodies blue print for mastering this gymnastic foundation movement.

Post Murph Talk…

There was alot of talk after Murph on how to better protect your hands when you come across a wod with high rep pull-ups. First and most important step is to never use tape as this fools the brain that you have a good (strong) grip but really your allowing yourself to slowly relax your hand which therefore leads to more friction and hand tears. There will be a new rule of ‘No More Tape’ being used on the CFO Pull up rig as of today :) because this is causing you major step back in your pull up progress. I personally don’t mind using tape in competition events but the tape leaves an adhesive glue that is very difficult to remove from the bar and effects other athletes that dont use tape.



Tips and Tricks: I am still seeing a lot of people using the wrong grip when on the pull up rig, so I found a picture to clarify which is the wright and wrong way. The pull up hook grip is the correct way to hold the bar and decreases the friction due to minimal movement under the hand. The false grip (fault) is seen more in competition due to the increased speed that is gained from the grip change but this then increases friction and the chance of slipping from the bar and injuring yourself or others.Try it and let me know how you go!

CFO Levels

Ok :) Here I go on my explanation about levels… Its short and sweet because there is not much that is changing. All the Wods we currently have are remaining exactly where they are. We have introduced a new Level 1 system that will occur downstairs in the yoga room and will be a class for people wanting to start crossfit for the first time and a place where we can go a re-visit some fundamental movements of weightlifting and gymnastcis with our Ninja Coach Nili.

Level 2 is for the rest of you warriors that are there everyday slogging it out on the 2nd floor with Reggae Ray. This will be a fast paced WOD with a focus lean on to completing extra skill work pre and post wod. The is good old crossfit at its best and will allow the athlete to  sharpening up those already solid movements and eat their goats. Oh yeah and to have fun of course!!!

Level 3 (old Rx’d class) has expanded with a extra day on Monday and also extra classes that will be back to back and consist of 1.5 hours of  training time. You will need to be competent in all crossfit movements as the volume is higher and more demanding then normal and a high expectation is put onto the athlete. I will be running these classes myself with the help from the other staff, so if you have any further questions please email me at daniel@cfoslo.no

The CFO team are currently training specifically for the Regionals the next 2 weeks which may cause the level 3 classes to run a little different then normal. You are all welcome to try the class and see what its all about :)

Weightlifting, Mobility and Yoga will be running as normal.

Note: I have attached a copy of the CFO LEVELS pdf. file which is simply a guideline and quick indicator of what areas you need to start focusing on. This is a guideline for Crossfit Oslo members only and has been specially designed for our in house athletes.

‘Strong is Happy’

Coach D