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G’Day CFO Crew,

Hope your are all well and have been training hard before the summer season starts :) Lots of great things happening over the next few months so I thought I would take the time to write about each of them with a little more info.
*Post Regionals*
Well I am not to sure where to start with this one…but this was one of the best weekends I have had as a coach and as an athlete over my 3 whole years as a crossfitter. The weekend was action packed with emotions through athletes showing their true dedication for the sport of fitness and the passionate fans cheering on their fellow members. CFO Team competed well for a newly established team this year and have learned a lot about each others strengths and weaknesses with goat work already full steam ahead in the level 3 classes. I must admit, I was shitting myself the first day of the Regionals but as the weekend past I became much more relaxed and enjoyed being on centre stage and doing what I do on a daily bases for fun :)
The CFO Team finally let all of their media publicity pay attention to our very own CFO athlete Kristin Holte who will be heading to the 2014 Games in Carson City over the summer to compete against the worlds best women crossfit athletes…WOOOWW!!!!
Kristin Holte

Kristin Holte

She showed true composure and professionalism as an athlete over the weekend by displaying some badass victories in events 4 and 7 of the Crossfit Regionals and showing the two former games winners Sam Briggs and Annie Thorisdottir that she is someone watch out for in Carson.
If you are around CFO box as much as I am, you can see the dedication and time that Kristin has put into her training and acheiving half of her goal which is too be a games athlete, the other half is winning of course.  Even though she is a very busy athlete and student, she still has the time to say hello and speak to her fellow athletes at the gym and even has the time to attending the WOD in level 3 class to show the guys how its done.
She had some great help from Christian Ytterbol over the weekend and pervious months before the Regionals with helping her hone in on the mental game of achieving her goals of competing at the Crossfit games.
Well Done and Good Luck Kristin from all the CFO staff and members!!!
*** We will be holding a BBQ fundraiser for Kristin in the coming weeks to help her reach Carson city safely and fuelled ready for action! Stay tuned to CFO members only page.
***There are group of athletes from CFO heading to the Games this year, so if you are one of those people, please leave a message in the comments below so we can stay connected and build our own cheerleading squad to help Kristin along the way:)
“Om bare 3 uker er det sommerfest på Crossfit Oslo. Lørdag 21. juni stenger vi boksen for WOD’er og kjører en felles WOD utendørs istedenfor. Avreise kl 09 på morgenen fra CFO til Eidsvoll hvor vi er med på terrenghinderløpet X-Run som arrangeres av blant andre Crossfit’er Eirik Solen.
I X-run er man 3 og 3 på lag men dere kan melde dere på individuelt så ordner vi med lagene. Totalt sett er det rundt 15 hinder pr runde på 5 kilometer. Man løper/går 2 runder så totalt 10 kilometer. Men så lenge man kan løpe 1-2 kilometer sammenhengende så er dette noe man kan være med på. Det passer fint inn i de fleste Crossfittere sine treningsopplegg så lenge man ser nytten og verdien i variasjon. I tillegg er dette spennende, utfordrende og moro!
Det er puljestarter men Eirik ordner det sånn at lagene fra CFO starter samtidig eller rett etter hverandre så vi får til en intern konkurranse oss i mellom:-)
Vi er ferdige i Eidsvoll rundt kl. 14.30 og transporten går fra Eidsvoll til Oslo kl 15 sånn at man er tilbake ca 16.
Vi fortsetter sommerfesten på CFO kl 18 og utover kvelden med grillmat og noe å drikke.
Prisen for det hele er kun 390,- kroner for CFO medlemmer og da får man også en X-Run t-skjorte.
Så langt er vi ca 30-40 påmeldte men håper at mange flere vil være med. For påmelding, send Eirik en email med navn og adresse så sender han ut en faktura:
Siste frist for påmelding: Onsdag 11. juni. “
Hope everyone is enjoying the new programming of handstand balancing on monday, wednesday and fridays? The progressions are slow but the patients has paid of as next week we take a big step and start to straighten the legs over head.
Over the holiday period we will continue with the handstands and also introduce a increased focus on Olympic lifts and of course maintenance of strength through heavy squats, deads and presses.
We are now encouraging that all athletes keep their beyond the whiteboard account up to date because your very own WOD times and weights help the CFO staff program the daily WOD’s by looking at your strength and weakness statistics online.
Time to eat :)
God helg!
Coach D