CFO Summer Update

Hi Warrior’s,

Just some more information on summer opening hours and routines.

*Equipment clean up & Care*

Over the the weekends and July holiday period there will only be one instructor for the whole day due to staff being on vacation. This means that there is only be one class per hour and all of downstairs will be available for CFO athletes only to train Goats/ Open Gym.  Please try an help the CFO staff keep the box looking clean and tidy by returning all  equipment to its original spot after use.

*Training Outside*

With summer here to stay… there have been alot of wodding outside with barbells, rowers etc. CFO staff are happy for members (only) to use the equipment outside as long as everything is returned inside and back to its place.

Last year we had some electronic equipment go missing due to the the downstairs doors being opened, so we have decided that all downstairs doors are kept closed during the day and all equipment being used outside must leave an be returned through the doors upstairs so that the COD (coach of the day) can keep track on who and what is entering the box :)

*Bring a friend to CFO & Affiliate Members*

There have been a few members asking about bringing a friend to the gym and whether its ok for them to join the WOD/ Open GYM ???

The answer is unfortunately, no. All new members whether they are trained or untrained must attend a level 1 (Provetime) class prior to being able to start at Crossfit Oslo. A Provetime can be booked through

**This means that all friends joining you for training can only attend a level 1 class which excludes OPEN Gym**

Friends from another crossfit affiliate must also register on  and email our staff at before heading to the gym.

Organising these small administrative steps before you attend the gym will allow our coaching staff to be up to date with Visitors/ New members and give you great crossfit experience.

Coach D