Crossfit Oslo Rowing Club

Hi CFO Crew,

I hope everyone is enjoying some well deserved time off  and enjoying the nice summer weather :)

CFO  have been wanting to start some kind of club within in our box which includes the nasty rowing machine that everyone seems to have a love hate relationship with. We are  very lucky to have a total of 20 high quality rowing machines that seem to always get pushed to the sides of the rooms and only ever get used in the occasional WODs and warm ups.


We have decided its a great time to start our official CFO rowing club in August. With the  new levels system at CFO firmly in place, we can finally bring back some of those much loved speciality classes we use to hold.

My vision for August is to hold 1 class for the first month which will be on thursday evening  at kl1830. The rowing club class will replace the kl1830 level 3 as numbers have been low. If the class is a success, I will gladly hold an additional class on tuesdays kl1830 in place of the level 3 class.

Somethings to expect from the class:

We will visit all aspects of rowing through calibration of the rowing machine, understanding the computer display screen and its functions and correcting your position on the rower with lots of drills and technique practice. We then finish the class with some solid rowing intervals to help those tips and tricks do their magic.

Cant wait to get started :)

CFO Staff